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Friday, 29 March 2019

Loui Cleghorn "Fortysomething" (bc042)

We welcome Loui Cleghorn back to Bricolage with his new EP "Fortysomething". This fresh release sees the Glaswegian producer veer into slightly broodier territory as he fuses his, ever present, sense of melody with a faster pace and darker tone than previous releases. The music is still as deeply layered as ever, with hooks galore and a captivating cinematic edge. All these ingredients make for two pulsating and hypnotic progressive electronic gems that come backed up with handpicked remixes from Belial Pelegrim and Devras Plexi. Both of whom turn the respective tracks on their heads with their own inimitable sound treatment. Expect an experimental and bold affair from the former and some downtempo alluring ear candy from the latter.

As always you can download and stream below or at our bandcamp.

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