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Friday, 11 January 2019

Sceadu "Once Upon A Future" (bc040)

We enter into 2019 with a chaotic audio narrative from Sceadu.

"Once Upon A Future" gives us a glimpse into this artists twisted, dystopian, vision. A dark and imaginative take on the end of the world and what lies beyond.

Crumbling and disjointed apocalyptic ambient sound design followed by two off kilter and anarchic drum n bass tracks that spit out fractured rhythmic patterns and nebulous bass movements that rarely sit still. The EP is brought to a close with the epic "Imaginary Reign". A captivating piece of chiming electronica that slowly unravels into a celestial crescendo before folding back into itself. It's completely paradoxical to what has went before and exhibits the diverse musical capabilities of Sceadu.

This future is nearer than you think....

Stream and DL available below or at the Bricolage bandcamp page.

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