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Monday, 9 April 2018

Arran Trax - Morgenlicht (Remix Competition)

Later this summer we'll be releasing an EP from, Hamburg based , Scottish producer Arran Trax. He's currently concocting a dazzling array of electro/acid gems for the June 25th release. He's already unveiled the track "Morgenlicht" to give you an idea of what's in store come the summer. 

Tonight we're launching a remix competition for "Morgenlicht". You'll find the stems available as a free download through our Bandcamp. All you have to do is head there and grab the components and have a go at remixing the track. The winning remix will be chosen by Arran Trax himself and will feature on the EP release in June.

The competition officially launches tonight and will close at midnight on the 10th of June, a fortnight before the EP release. This provides a total time frame of 9 weeks for any potential remixers. The winning remix will be announced on the 17th of June.
"Morgenlicht" is in the key of Cm with a BPM of 132. Feel free to change either as you please.
Grab the stems for free download from our bandcamp or below.

Listen to the track in full on the AT soundcloud.

*Once you have uploaded your remix to Soundcloud you should PM the Bricolage page with a link to your track where we will proceed to repost your track and also add it to the specially made remix playlist.*

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