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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Bricolage (An Ambient Tribute from Hohm Productions)

For the third part of our anniversary mixes we asked Hohm Productions 
resident Kinoko to weave together a selection of his favourite ambient based works that we've released over the last two years.

Here's what they had to say:
"Recently it was the adventurous electronic net label Bricolage Collective's 2nd birthday and to commemorate this they have ask three artists to mix a selection of their favourite releases (Techno, IDM and Ambient mixes respectively). With this they have bestowed the honour of making an ambient mix to HOHM Resident Kinoko from the tracks released so far which he jumped at the chance to do so here it is and thanks Bricolage for this enjoyable opportunity"

You can stream the mix below or at the Hohm mixcloud.


1. Fragile X - The Outer Circle
2. B-Side Boy - Pissholes In The Snow
3. Liapei - When We Were All So Very Different
4. Merriman's Ghost - Owl
5. Microvolt - A Touch Of The Vapours
6. Neon Idol Lodge - Resonances
7. Mute Branches - (I'm Dreaming Of A) Severe Weather Warning
8. Hiramatsu Toshiyuki - Mountain Call
9. Roy Or Bison? - Eidetician
10. Roy Or Bison? - Night Vision
11. International Debris - Hypogeum
12. ...From The Benthic Zone and Mute Branches - Outlines
13. Sleep, Data - The Drone That You Find In The Back Of Your Mind
14. Fragile X - Saturn9ne
15. Mute Branches - Goon Squad (Part 2)
16. Fragile X - Under The Counter Culture (Leit Motif remix)
17. Slow Deep Breath - The Crow Pheasant
18. The Next Commuter - The Dozen Paces
19. Jazzdefector - Lost Without You
20. Nova Noma - Who Are You?
21. Leit Motif - A Lovers Reincarnation
22. Oscurito - The Nihon Shoki

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