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Monday, 10 July 2017

Collaboration Opportunities (Nocturnal and UMFC001)

It looks like summer 2017 is all set to be the summer of collaborations. Here, at Bricolage, we currently have a batch of artists working together for our first physical release set for a September release date. "Dyadic" will be a compilation album that consists of the work of several unique duos from the depth of the Bricolage roster. Among the artists currently working away together on music for the release are Minerva, Devras Plexi, Lo-Jacker, The Oscilloscope, Fragile X, Loui Cleghorn, Dreamland Fantasy and many more.

But that's not the only project on the go, there's many more opportunities to get involved in musical teamwork through our new alliance with the multitude of creative artists at United Music Front.

Firstly, there's the "Nocturnal" project that's been set up by the UMF founder Soundshift. It's a longform collaboration project where anybody involved in the various collectives can get involved. There's some quick entry details below about the new project but for more information about how to get involved head to the Soundshift soundcloud page and message the man himself.

Nocturnal Project:

A minimum 60 seconds of beats/melodies
Cmaj pentatonic
108 bpm

Soundshift (Soundcloud)

Below you can also check out the resulting sounds of the previous Nocturnal project from earlier this year, where 65 artists participated in the project.


Secondly, fellow UMF member, Supply Fi, has set the very first 'challenge' to the United Music Front members on the Slack website.

"Create a piece of music using all drums with a melody line made using toms of different tunings. No mallet percussion, only drums (cymbals are acceptable too)
No due date, no obligation. If you choose to participate, please use the tag "UMFC001" when you upload. Please post a link to your finished track in the comments section of this post.
Downloadable WAV files please. If we get enough participants, we can throw together a little compilation for free. That is all. Happy drumming."


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