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Monday, 23 January 2017

Ix Prospectum "First Step" (bc024)

The "First Step" album from, Berlin based producer, Ix Prospectum is, at its heart, coarsing with experimental glitch ideology and sonic IDM structures that are carefully counter balanced with industrialised ambient frameworks. And while it's definitely one for modern experimentalists, it also has its moments of alternative dance sensibility. With glimpses of melodies creeping alongside spider like percussive elements. The overall release veers through a vortex of all different types of musical combinations. Never once settling on one particular sound. Ambient techno and glitch
 sounds take the lead but are partnered by a merger of various other electronic styles along the way. 

"First Step", like the man behind it, will more than reward patient listeners. 

As always you can stream and download the release in full at our bandcamp or below. The album is available as a free download or PWYW with any and all donations going towards any potential physical releases or Bricolage live shows.

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