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Saturday, 10 December 2016

In The Loop : Episode 16

Episode 16 of "In The Loop" has a look at the first half of artists from our most recent compilation release, Volume 4. The post covers ground on some of their recent work and what the future has in store.

First up is Dark Fidelity Hi Fi. Just prior to featuring on the Bricolage compilation, DFHF released the track "Third Eye Projections". A spiraling, glitched out dub effort that's awash with neat melodies and percussion. Check out the anti-corporate visual accompaniment below the track and be sure to pop over to the DFHF bandcamp if you want a copy.


The last track to appear on the Bedless Bones soundcloud page was "Foreign Blood Heat", which is the track featured on the Bricolage release but a further browse through the profile will throw up some dark, vocal infused electronics that are a treat for any industrial heads. Our personal favourite is the demo of "Wicked Sprouts" which you can listen to below.

Did you know that, Kadri Sammel, the girl behind the Bedless Bones project is also a member of long running Estonian industrial band "Forgotten Sunrise"? The duos most recent release was the single "Guardian Curtains", which you can find over on their bandcamp.


Ix Prospectum has been gearing up for his upcoming full length album release on Bricolage in January by unveiling some of the tracks that are set to make the cut. Over on his Soundcloud page you'll find a plethora of unearthed, wonderfully scatterbrained gems including the epic "Disable It" and the jittery ambiance of "I Want Changed Myself".


Roman Fahls latest offering is the ambient techno excursion, "Iberia". It's yet more flawless production work from a producer clearly on top of his game at the moment. A precise build up slowly lets a gorgeous vocal bleed though before a thumping kick drum take over followed soon after by more intricate percussion. A classic piece of work.

Our first Bricolage podcast of 2017 will be courtesy of Roman Fahls and you can check out a link to a recent mix of his below to get you in the mood.

Roman Fahls - Osaker mixtape


Guido has recently been teasing his listeners with a trio of short snippets and previews over on his Soundcloud page.

Scroll a little further down his songs and you'll find "Just A Dream". An electronic foray into dancefloor subconsciousness. A beautiful introduction is promptly backed up with solid percs and and wavy, catchy sequences that bounce playfully along. A track that's equally at home in your headphones as it is in the club.


Kold47 only has a handful of tracks online with uncompromising lo-fi techno being his weapon of choice. Any fans of his "Koldstruktion" track that appeared on our compilation will lap up that distinct raw, bass throbbing feel of his latest track "Untitled". No nonsense, straight off the bat pounding techno rhythms.

"Sectarian Religions", a slighty older track, sees the producer turn the acid charm offensive up to 10 with dark pads and drums nestling in at the back of a vibrating but solid acid line.


Greek/Hungarian producer Minerva just recently uploaded a fresh slab of fizzing beats and resonating patterns in the form of new track "The Sultans Robe". Drawing on influences including breaks, trance and techno the drum work is a hybrid effort that crosses over many genres with substantial style. Never letting up from it's 140bpm until the last second.


Be sure to tune into the blog over the weekend for the second part of our In The Loop special that looks at what the second half of Volume 4 have been up to recently.

And of course, if you haven't already then be sure to head on over to our bandcamp and grab your copy of the latest compilation.

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