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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Pangaea Proxima

Tonight the Flying Duck venue in Glasgow plays host to the Pangaea Proxima Multicultural Festival. Bricolage founding member "Fragile X" is performing a DJ set at the festival and Bricolage member "Oco" will also be performing live art and graffiti at the event.

'Pangaea Proxima’ (sometimes called ‘Pangaea Ultima’) refers to the future supercontinent configuration whose formation is theorised to occur over the next 250 million years. Nature's movement towards a singular land mass is a promising metaphor displaying the union of a supercontinent unbound by geographical borders. With this idea of future physical unity, parallels are drawn for future social unity , promoting multiculturalism and driving towards a truly global social consciousness.

The event has being created in conjunction with Refugee Week Scotland organised by the Scottish Refugee Council, who have set this year’s theme of 'Solidarity'. Hohm Productions aims to honour the festivals theme by showcasing a multitude of talented performers using a variety of traditional and contemporary creative art forms.

Artists from all backgrounds will share their individual and unique expressions of world culture through music, film, poetry, storytelling, theatre, puppetry and visual art, transmitting our common, universal passion for culture as a tool of empowerment against social barriers, while challenging people's perceptions and understanding of refugees and their plight in modern times.

You can find out some more info about the event and RSVP to the event on Facebook.

Below is a list of the full line up and set times

You can listen to a promo mix from Fragile X that provides an idea of some of the styles and sounds that will be heard on the night.

Be sure to head down early for the doors opening and catch the full array of artistic talents and sounds on display. There's Iranian hip hop, poetry, turntablism, documentaries, live graffiti, sitars and world flavoured techno.

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