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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Oscurito : Octopus (Audio/Visual)

Last night the visual accompaniment for the track "Octopus" from Oscurito premiered on our YouTube channel. "Octopus" is the closing track on his EP of the same name which was released on Bricolage earlier in January this year. The track introduces itself with cascading little loops of sound that are joined by a beat and poignant synths that help build the tension before a solid bassline and muscular beat take centre stage and carry the track through to it's finale. The "Octopus" EP as a whole throws up some vivid imagery of space and dark, galactic vibes so it's only fitting that the video should provide you with those elements too. This particular audio/visual is the first project to fall under our Digi Aye sub collective. There's much more to come soon. For now though, emjoy getting lost in the colourful realms of space, soundtracked by a very promising young Glaswegian music producer.

You can stream and grab a free download of the full EP below or at our Bandcamp page.

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