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Monday, 18 January 2016

Headroom 02 : Roy Or Bison? presents "Ego Death"

The second volume of our Headroom mix series sees the evasive "Roy Or Bison?" take you on a mind bending two hour headphone journey. This particular mix is the essence of what Headroom is all about. No stone left unturned. No sounds left unplayed. It's a glimpse inside the vortex. A ride around the rims of the music spectrum. There's nature sounds, film samples, tribal voices, a barrage of dark drum n bass, metallic industrial elements, field recordings, all kinds of techno, layers of fast paced intensity, moments of quiet reflection, an Urdu/Hindi poem and much much more. There's never a dull moment.

It's a full on musical endeavour that may stretch your skulls a little...

You can stream it below or at our mixcloud account. Full details of all tracks also below.

Full tracklisting below

CHAPTER 1: 'This Is The Story Of A Young Man...'

1. Forss - Journeyman
2. Sam KDC - Servant
3. Aïsha Devi - Aurat
4. Inlakesh - Dwelling Place Of The Radiant Mind
5. Nmesh - アンチ技術のマジェスティックビューティー
6. Slow Deep Breath -The Crow Pheasant

CHAPTER 2 : 'Angels Carrying Savage Weapons'

7. Stratosphonic - Speedscape
8. Powell - Club Music  (Ancient Methods 'Körpersäure91' mix)
9. Tzusing - Four Floors Of Whores
10. Emika - Battles (Kamikaze Space Programme remix)
11. Ken Karter - MX-04.11
12. Ken Karter - MX-01.11

CHAPTER 3 : 'I Feel A Bit Lightheaded'

13. Falling Skies - Land Of The Lost
14. Falling Skies - Tremor

CHAPTER 4 : 'Everyone Here Is Mad'

15. Fjaak - Gewerbe 15
16. YYY - The Terms Of Our Surrender
17. Unknown Artist - Handstands

CHAPTER 5 : 'Mr Sandman'

18. Luke Wyatt - The Music You Hear At Sea World And Never Forget (Tropical Hi-Fi remix)
19. Sofie Letitre - Slip (Steelan remix)
20. AHMD - Death Drive

CHAPTER 6 : 'I Feel Bad Now'

21. N1L - Iguana Love Bite
22. Bloempot - R3V3R5 Y0UR 8R07H3R5
23. Stargate - Driving Hyperreality

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