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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Just Add Colour

Last week, a friend of mine, Emma Kempsell, offered to do pastel sketch drawings for all the tracks on the Bricolage Volume 1 compilation. The idea was to jot down her own visual interpretations of each track. 

The premise was simple. We sat down, got comfy and then I played the tracks back to Emma, one by one, and she had the duration of each said track to quickly jot down what she was feeling and seeing. For some of the shorter tracks we played them two or three times over. The results were 16 unique pieces of colourful and abstract lo-fi artworks. In doing these sketches, Emma has became the first visual artist to join The Bricolage Collective.

Tomorrow I'll post the first 8 tracks and Friday will see the second lot of 8 go up. Until then you can have a look inside Emmas sketchbook and at some of her previous doodles.

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